Для тех кто не знает англ: Мой босс по работе объявил конкурс на лучшее лого для сайта, а теперь самое главное! Приз оценивается в 1500$! Детали извините, далее на англ.

You can email the logos you have designed to Please do not forget to attach your name, surname, email and mobile number which we can contact you.
Contest Conditions

01. This contest is organized to chose the logo of website and to reward the winner.
02. The work to be sent must be entirely original and it must not be published anywhere before.
03. Every individual applicant is allowed to send at most three works.
04. Applicants should send their work as vector graphics with .FH, .AI, EPS or CDR extensions.
05. For the preview of the logo, a PNG image should be supplied separately. The logo should be set transparent background and the short edge of the image should be at least 2000 pixels.)
06. If any typography is used in the logo , the font types should be specificied.
07. Logos which contain photos on them, or those sent in .jpg, .png, .gif and other photo formats, or logos which are not vector drawings will be rejected.
08. The logos should be submitted by 30th of August 2010 by email or by the application form on ivetoo website.
09. The winner will be announced in September.
10. The price will be sent via wire-transfer or according to the choice of the winner.
11. The copyright and publishing rigths of the awarded emblems/logos will belong to Nazmibey Ltd.Şti. and will be registered on behalf of the company. Those works will be used by Nazmibey Ltd. Şti. for any visual or written communication. The jury has autharization to pick an emblem or logo as the winner on the condition that it shall be modified.
12. Competitors do consent that they give the copyright and publishing rights of the designs to Nazmibey Ltd. Şti. indefinitely. Depending on this, the competitors accept that they grant permission or deed of consent to Nazmibey Ltd. Şti. for all necessary rights according to both Intellectual Property and Patent Rights and other related regulations, for duplication, processing, publication, representation, public transmission, benefiting of the works.
13. The owner of the design to be used, this way, agrees, declares and subscribes irrevocably that he will not take his permission back, or he will not prohibit the use of the emblem/ logo as stated above, or he will not ask for any copyright, or material or spiritual rights.
14. The applicant is responsible for any legal or financial problems about the originality of the design, such as cheating, even if it is after the contest is closed.
15. If Nazmibey Ltd. Şti. wants to buy an unrewarded work, it can buy its usage rights from the designer by settling on a prize. This is not an impediment for the payment of the prize of the awarded emblem.

You can email the logos you have designed to Please do not forget to attach your name, surname, email and mobile number which we can contact you.

Incoming Applications for the Logo Contest
Logo Applications
The applications for our awarded logo design contest are announced here.

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